Our Ethos

Rum Knuckles’ aim is always to be a renegade on the street scene and going against fashion. Always aiming to transcend subcultures, targeting multiple genres from skaters and surfers to BMXers and modern day Cafe racers. Graphics full of energy and artistic vibes. Rum Knuckles was heavily influenced by the 80’s skate scene. Also combining with workwear inspired clothing, street wear with a hard edge. Using the tee shirt as the original canvas, literally making street art. The Rum Knuckles clothing line encompasses t-shirts, wovens, denim, headwear and outerwear. Also working closely with artists and designers to design limited capsule ranges. And also collaborating with some of the largest licensed products on the world stage to complete a genius artistic view. Creating unique collectible collaborations.

Looking at the relationship between tattoos and board sports….. Skate Punk….  the grittier side of British board sports and BMX’ing.

Rum Knuckles will champion the sidewalk surfers and the dirty youth of extreme sport. A Punk attitude with opposition to selling out,  and not embracing anything in mainstream capitalist culture

Art is power.

Dressing the crazy youth, the Skater Punk, the BMXer…..  the Indie Youth!!

Rum Knuckles...  Fortune Favours The Brave.